Eventrend Group - Making moments matter

We at Eventrend Group have been working since 1992 to realize the small, big, or even huge moments of our partners. What moments do we think of?

Everyone knows that when we have a dumpling in our throat, we have goosebumps on our backs, we give high fives to each other, or hug, our mouths open to smile until our chins fall, or we just laugh with the bubble going into our noses.

For us, a romantic anniversary, a dazzling wedding, a ferocious birthday, an exclusive corporate party, or a stadium-shelving concert are all occasions that create moments. We are proud of our story, past and present, which is being written for nearly thirty years, and being able to spice up the lives of our guests with thousands of events every year.

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Eventrend career

We are currently having more than 700 full-time, professionally high-level colleagues working to realize the small, big, or huge moments of our partners. We believe that we can only achieve our goals if their employees feel safe, motivated, and loyal.

To transfer common knowledge, experience, and ensure progress, we have established the Eventrend Talent Academy, which is our own training system for the employees of the company group. In this, we provide every employee the opportunity to develop, learn, and do their job at an ever-increasing level. Under the auspices of the Talent Academy, we will accompany our employees in the development of their careers, and we will continuously provide the knowledge base and competencies necessary for the completion of their tasks.

Also, we have developed an "incubator" and support solutions for the companies of the group in many areas and provide a supportive background in economic, financial, business, HR, and professional matters.

Together with employees who consider themselves happy, we can have a much more pleasant experience for our guests and customers as well, and we can help make their ideas come true.

Eventrend executives consider it essential that their customers, guests, and business partners leave with a positive experience - and return.

It is not enough for us to serve someone’s expectations, we strive to always exceed that. Therefore, the center of our activity is to recognize the needs of business partners.

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