Ever since 1997, Csaba has worked for several well-known event management companies as Creative Director. He joined team Gála in 2008. As a result of a successful cooperation, he created the company Touche Event, part of Eventrend Holding, developing and operating unique programs and free-time activities. Since 2012 he has coordinated the events of WestEnd and Eventrend.


I started to work for Gála in 2008, as a Creative Director. My primary responsibility was to set up the agency event management of the renewed Gála Eseményszervező Kft. I created detailed and well-planned event concepts with great ideas, and the training of catering colleagues through agencies. Eventrend Holding and myself have founded Touché Event Kft in 2011. Primarily it develops and manages games and activities, as well as full event management for a few selected partners. We also manage the events of WestEnd City Center.

Personal Mission

To become the leader of a professional and successful company that provides unique services, based on creative operation. To finally live an eventful private- and social life. In a few years, possibly in cooperation with someone, the creation and operation of an own, 15-20 room hotel, until I have the energy to do it. Additionally, I would spend part of my work- and free time volunteering, or organize, manage a good cause.

What I’m Proud of

Over the course of the last few years I have managed several events and written the underlying concepts. I am very proud of this. I am also proud of my slightly dark, but never offensive humor, my friends, and above all, my family.