István found himself in the middle of the Holding in 1997, as the employee of the central storage of the company group. In the last, nearly 20 years, as one of the first ones receiving shares, he has lived the life of an entrepreneur. He is a partner in the Éden Group. Thanks to his dynamism and unbelievable willpower, today he is the Managing Director of the Éden Group and the Protokoll Event Kft., the co-owner of the Sarasota-based restaurant, “The Coolinary” and the Pre-Go Café opened at the Széll Kálmán Square in 2017

Personal Motto:

Without science, there is no life. Without love, life is not worth living, and without catering, life is not fun.


I have started my career in the Eventrend Group in 1997, working in the central storage of the company. Over the course of the last nearly 20 years I have graduated from a college, two universities and I have absolved a doctorate. During my career, the owners of the company continuously supported my professional and individual development by opening up new opportunities. Thanks to those, today I am working in the leadership of the company group, participating in several exciting projects. Almost 10 years ago, at a young age, as one of the first chosen ones for the Partner Program, I had the opportunity to taste entrepreneurship, which I am really starting to value and utilize now.

Personal Mission

The creation of a business where - together with my colleagues, in a dynamic and committed team - I can present value to our clients. Where the knowledge and experience finds a fertile soil, and brings its fruits. Where we can meet, and exceed our guests’ expectations. Where, if we really want it, our dreams can come true.

What I’m Proud of

I am delighted to see that the owners believe in me, that my colleagues count on me, and that my family and friends are proud of my achievements.

I am proud that despite of never have worked anywhere else, I had several “jobs”.

I am proud of the fact that I never had to hunt for jobs.

I am proud that the realization of both my professional and career goals are taking shape nicely.