Csilla Ködöböcz

Csilla joined the company group in 1998. She worked in Gala as an Event Manager, and starting in 1999 she took over the Sales Manager, and in 2001 the Customer Service Manager positions. In 2008 she was promoted to Managing Director in the company. She took the challenge of launching the F&B services of Petneházy Club and the first goose-restaurant in Budapest, The Dunyha restaurant in 2012. Csilla is an Eventrend Holding partner, co-owning Petneházy Étterem Kft. and Gála Eseményszervező Kft.


I have been working for Gála since 1998. I started out as the Event Manager of Gála Party Service, later I was promoted to Sales- and Customer Service Manager. Finally, 10 years later, in 2008, the Gála Group changed its name, and I have been working in the Managing Director position of Gála Eseményszervező Kft. ever since. The event venues of the Petneházy Club Hotel were taken over by the Gála group in 2012, so I am the Managing Director of Petneházy Étterem Kft. as well.

The owners have always supported my work and my professional development, from the very beginning. I have started out in the Vatel even management school, later I continued my education at the Budapest College of Economics, taking a course in sales and business management in 2005.

Personal Mission

I believe that being a leader is when the trust inseparably binds you to those who you are responsible for. Those who follow you without questioning you, because they see you know where you are going; as a leader, you are not looking back to draw power from your “glorious” past, but to guard your team and to make sure that nobody falls behind.

What I’m Proud of

I am proud of my excellent management and coordination skills, my ability to motivate my colleagues, the ability to professionally handle the arising conflicts and my strategic problem solving.

I am proud of the consistent protection of the interests of the company group, especially Gála group, the commitment for the realization of our objectives. This is what I expect from my direct reports, and based on their loyalty, I always get.