Fehér Viktória

Viktória started her career in the education center of the company group, as Vatel Event Management School’s Education Manager, later Managing Director. After a short break, she returned in 2014, as a Project Manager of the Eventrend Talent Academy. As the result of her activity, more than 100 colleagues graduated from the various leadership- and operational trainings and put the acquired knowledge in good use every day.


I have joined the education center of the company group, Vatel Event Management School in 2004. We have drafted an individual training curriculum for the Business Event Management- and the Protocol Manager- and Event Manager courses of the National Education Registry, and for Winery Courses. Vatel was the first education series covering the entire company group, shaping colleagues’ and leaders’ thinking with regards to sales.

The Talent Academy’s leadership school was created in 2014. As a project manager, I have been participating in the drafting of the curricula of specific management faculties, in the structuring and integration of the knowledge accumulated within the company group and in the operation of the school from the very start.

We are seeking new challenges every year. By inviting external experts, we are striving to integrate every modern method into the training, that can result in any market advantage for the company group. In the summer of 2016, we have implemented an online education system, providing opportunity for every ambitious colleague for professional development.

Personal Mission

“I believe in lifelong learning, in striving for a continuous development and in keeping an open mind for new knowledge. I believe in talent discovery and -management, in supporting ambitions, in results achieved by hard work, and in a humble behavior towards the profession. I believe in the joy of learning by venturing outside of your comfort zone, I believe in “how to-s” instead of “why can’t-s”.

What I’m Proud of

The first course of the Talent Academy was started with a motto from Mark Burnett: “There is nothing like biting off more than you can chew, and then chewing anyway.” To date we have crated nearly a 1000 pages of written notes focusing on practical knowledge, which can be deployed from day one.

During the one-year courses of the Talent Academy I can witness the process of leaders in the making, how the learning material shapes the thinking and operation of the company group.

I am delighted to have participated in a long-term project that on one hand contributes to the founding of new, successful businesses, and on the other hand serves the realization of the company group’s career model.