Fodor Zoltán

Zoltán worked for Gála in the late 90’s as a temporary worker, where a few successful events brought him to work for the Fakanál Restaurant. Soon after that, he was promoted to Banquette Manager, later to Sales Manager, and in the last 10 years he has been the Managing Director of the restaurant. The Fakanál Restaurant has been the pioneer and Acropolis of the touristic gastronomy until today. In addition to the management of the restaurant - since then with a bistro -, he is one of the co-owners of the Sarasota-based “The Coolinary” restaurant.


In the late 90’s I just returned from an abroad job and happened to seek temporary employment, when my relationship with Gála Party Service Kft. started. An event brought me to the Fakanál restaurant, where - after a few successful events - the management offered me a job. I took it without hesitating, on one condition...which was the opportunity for promotion. The owners agreed. Within a year, I was promoted to Banquett Manager, and after a short time I also took on sales.

The restaurant was performing better and better each year, our profit grew, alongside with our role in the tourism market. The next stage was the management of the unit, which also meant a Managing Director position. This was the first occasion when I was able to use what I had studied earlier.

The restaurant performed excellent under my lead, even amidst the depression. In 2011 we rented out another unit in the same building. It was a small bistro, which has also performed great ever since.

Personal Mission

My goal is to fill a role where I can create values in a committed team. Based on what I had learnt so far, I have the opportunity to start projects even co-owned by me.

What I’m Proud of

I am proud of my family and of everything I have achieved by hard work, taking risks and making investments.

I am proud of my team, and last but not least, the guys who have made all this possible for me, whom I still work with and learn from: the founding owners of the company.