Since 2010, I have been working on several Eventrend projects. I started at Vigadó és Kultúra Kft., as an event- and marketing director, but as the project finally wasn’t launched, the cooperation took a different direction. Namely, we have been organizing the entire operation, the events, and the revival of the literary and artistic life of York Café together. As a marketing manager, I am still involved in this project. In addition to the New York Artist’s Box, I am managing many other Eventrend marketing projects and communication tasks. Since 2011, I’ve also been a member of the Touchè Event team, and as a co-owner, I am coordinating and leading the larger projects.

Personal Mission

I would like to organize unforgettable events that are still referred to after many years. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to manage several events of this scale, yet I still have some on my bucket list.

I believe that similar minds attract each other, and if one works together with partners who have the same energy level, the result is almost always perfect.

Another essential element of a successful event is the “Team” we work with. The many years of experience proved it that if we respect and support each other, customers also feel it, and the efforts will be honored.

What I’m Proud of

I have tried many accounts of the event management process, I was even an acrobat. I strive to give the maximum and I am proud of my achievements, my professional relationships I have built over the years, many of them maturing into personal friendships.

In addition to the business events, I am also proud of the events and projects where the “Team” and I created permanent values.

I am also extremely proud of the colleagues who started under my mentoring and who are now serious event managers, event directors, and who still come back to me with a kind feedback. Their success is somewhere my success as well.

And, of course, I am very proud of my daughter, Lili, who tolerates all drawbacks of having a mom working in event management.