Karel Ziegler

Karel joined the Holding in 2012 as the Managing Director of Eventrend Prague. In the last four years, he stabilized the operation of the subsidiary, he laid down the conditions facilitating efficient and optimal cooperation and business expansion. In January 2017 he openned two new catering facilities (Ski Hut) at the highest point of the Czech Republic are foreseen for January 2017, with him in the Managing Director position. In addition, Karel is a partner and co-owner in the Prague subsidiary.


My connection to Eventrend Holding begins in April 2012. In that time I was working as Director of Operation at Prague hotel. As from 1st July 2012 I became a Managing Director of Eventrend Prague Ltd. - daughter company to Eventrend Holding.

Personal Mission

My mission and motto is „NEVER DO THINGS HALF WAY“. I believe that if we want to be successfull and one of the best on market, we should focus on doing things properly. It all starts with our employees who are most important in entire operation. Therefore we keep on creating friendly and positive atmosphere within the team and based on that clients recognize that we are in the right place with great facilities. My biggest motivation comes from the Eventrend owners and my family.

my family as they have understanding and patience the my working tasks and to owners for their great overview and knowledge of company operation, their positive energy giving to all of us and mainly for their trust and respect in my personality and private life.

What I’m Proud of

I am proud of creating a strong team and unit in the last 4 years which helped to stabilize the operation in the Czech Republic. We are currently opening 2 new catering venues and surely will look for future options in growing the company. I have learned new strategy and ideas that are continuously making my personality stronger and professional. Securing myself in the Eventrend Group and having life long cooperation plans give also the most important background to my family. With my wife and 2 kids we created real living environment when moving to a new house in July 2015.