Nagy Gábor

Gábor Nagy is one of the founders and number one manager of Eventrend Holding. He has been actively participating in event management and catering for the last 25 years. His mission within the company group employing 700 colleagues is the management and coordination of strategy, marketing, economy, education, finances and HR.


I have graduated in 1997 from the Department of Catering and Hospitability of the College of Commerce- Catering and Tourism. I wrote my distinction thesis about the event management features of service marketing. I obtained my second degree in communication, and I also completed my economical educator studies.

Still in college, on 16 September 1992, my college friends and I founded our first event management, which we dubbed Gála Party Service in January 1994. Initially I managed the marketing, sales and production accounts. By 1998, the company has grown from only 3 employees to 87, managing 400-500 events a year.

Based on these figures, the company became the leading party service business in the country. This was the year when with the founding of our second company, we started to build our company group. As an owner-manager, my colleagues and I have been working on building and managing Eventrend Holding ever since. As a result of our continuous growth, the company group comprises of more than 25 catering units, event venues and event management businesses in 3 countries (Hungary, Czech Republic, USA), employing more than 700 full-time workers and organizing several thousand events a year. Today, as one of the 2 leaders of Eventrend Holding, my main mission is the management and coordination of the strategies, marketing, economics, finances and HR department.

Personal Mission

The mission of Eventrend Holding is my personal mission as well, but of course, it can only be fulfilled together. On a more personal note, I would like to add a few thoughts.

I want to experience the moment when I am old and my grandchildren ask me: “what are you proud of, Grandpa, what do you cherish most from your life?”. And, I don’t want to list my business achievements here. Much rather the community I lived in and I helped to shape. The people I fought alongside with in my active years. The families, friends and colleagues I helped to make their dreams come true. I want to be proud of them, because they will be the ones worth remembering.

What I’m Proud of

That I am living in a happy family, that I love and I am loved. That my son is performing excellent as a young schoolboy, he is increasingly independent, smart and balanced. That we gave him - and ourselves - the gift of a little sibling, who is still a baby, yet very important in our lives. That I spend quality time with my family, and I am the one who motivates them, that I actively participate in their lives.

That I have relentlessly pursued my goals and plans and I always had the strength to start anew. I am still open to novelties today, and I am eager to develop and learn. That - thanks to all this - I can say that my success was not a gift to me, I have worked hard for it.

That we have systematically built a prosperous company, with many achievements, making people’s lives better and, if we are persistent, even capable of surviving us, the founders.

That I am still an ordinary guy, even after an abundance of success and many years as a CEO. I managed to form a community around me that is based on respect and appreciation of each other, even despite of the many- many wars we fought. That I can be part of a community, including my friends and my colleagues, who are not driven by short-term, personal interests. The members of such community look at me as a friend and an important partner.

That the majority of the important relationships in my life go back to decades. I make an effort every day, so that these people I have chosen and who once played a greater role in my life would want to stay there forever, even despite of the changes that inevitably happen.