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Elegant, luxurious or sporty? Eventrend Group provides its clients with a number of different styles of event venues, depending on the event our clients envision. Our colleagues will be happy to help you answer your questions!

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Academy Club Event Venue

Academy Club creates the harmony between the old and the new. It is located in the Széchenyi István Square headquarters of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, in the wing facing the Danube.

The Academy Club – named as such after its furniture and atmosphere - is located in the Széchenyi István Square headquarters of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, in the wing facing the Danube. It’s aiming to bring together the most prominent leaders and experts of the domestic scientific and economic scene in a beautiful environment. In order to do this, based on the plans of József Finta, Budapest’s most beautiful restaurant, club and event venue was built in 1998, as part of the reconstruction works of the Academy headquarters. Visitors are indulged by the vintage interior of the breathtaking headquarter building and the amazing view. Academy Club creates the harmony between the old and the new.


New York Palace

World class design, noble materials – the Italian owner invited the same well-known designer group to dream about the shape the New York Palace Hotel, who prepared also the plans of the legendary unique Ferrari show-rooms. The event halls host not only conferences with a large number of participants, but ensure also a perfect solution to organize gala dinners, fashion-shows, and creative events as well. The wonderful halls were created with “inspiring harmony”.

The New York Café ensures the indoor catering services of the five-star hotel, which belongs to the Eventrend Group operation as well. Within this, the New York Café ensures for the hotel guests the 24 hours room service as well, as the mini bar service in the hotel-rooms, respectively the outstanding quality hotel breakfast.


Symbol Budapest Event Venue

The 3000 square meters of Symbol Budapest await guests who appreciate steady traditions, yet long for something radically new.

The first musical and gastronomy complex and event house in Budapest is located in the oldest part of Óbuda, 150 m from the Kolosy square. The 3000 square meters of Symbol Budapest, accommodated by a several hundred years old building, await guests who appreciate steady traditions, yet long for something radically new.

Each of our venues represents a different atmosphere, providing a unique feel to every event.


We are responsible for the catering of MüPa events, the two artist-buffets and the self-service restaurant where employees eat their lunch.

We are responsible for the catering of MüPa events. If our customers require, we put together one-of-a-kind menus, prepare the meals to a very high standard and serve them in any of the palace’s rooms or public halls, be it about a simple coffee-break or a reception, even a large-scale gala dinner.


Budapest Papp László
Sports Arena

Catering for Budapest Papp László Sports Arena: our task here is the provision of a quality offering and the swift service of nearly 15,000 guests.

Catering for the largest domestic indoor arena is a serious challenge.

In addition to the swift service of nearly 15,000 guests, the provision of a quality offering is just as important. At our events, attendees can choose from the most popular or trendiest cocktails. Beyond the classic pop-corn, they can cheer for their favorite sports team while munching on organic snacks or sipping 100%, domestically sourced organic fruit juices.

In addition to the 14 guest-buffets, a VIP section and the Sky Bar awaits guests, where they can order à la carte and choose from more than 60 types of Whiskey and Congac, all this, while they are watching the show.


Groupama Arena

Groupama Arena’s Sky Box, VIP Gold and VIP Bronze sections, seating 2500, are also catered by our company.

We provide quality catering for 2500 guests in 3 different VIP sections within the Arena, at each and every event. We comprehensively serve 35 Sky Boxes, by personal waiters and box service, on the occasion of each game. 1200 VIP Gold guests enjoy the hospitality of this special business club at each event, where we indulge visitors with unlimited food- and drink consumption. The same goes for the VIP Bronze section. Groupama Arena brings together the most prominent personalities of Hungarian sports- politics- and business life. Be part of this success!


MOL Aréna Sóstó

The Stadion Event ensures - besides the Groupama Arena - the complete catering service of the Mol-Vidi Stadium in Székesfehérvár as well. It is our strengths to provide service to the sport events and company events as well with a large number of participants and in the course of our work we meet also the requirements of the highest level UEFA standards. Ensuring catering service to the most modern football stadium of Székesfehérvár with a capacity of 14.200 persons is a multiple task, which includes beside providing high level service to the fans at the 40 service points of the public buffets as well, as to the guests of the business longue sectors, respectively also to the VIP guests of the sky boxes. Connected to the hospitality of the sport-, concert- , and other type events the stadium includes an event hall with a capacity of more than 500 persons, and also several smaller event halls.

As exclusive catering service partner, we got the opportunity of ensuring the classical banquet catering service as well, as ensuring the operation of the Pub at the main entrance of the Stadium.


Zichy Event Park

Zichy Event Park: a venue for corporate events, conferences, team buildings, corporate trainings and weddings. The event park is located in Bikács, in a wonderful environment.

Zichy Park Hotel’s very own event park of the is in Bikács, in a picturesque environment. A venue is ideal for conferences, corporate events, team buildings, trainings and meetings. The technical background is also up to the highest standards, with experienced and knowledgeable staff. After the hard work, there is ample opportunity to relax in the Levendula SPA, and for gastro-indulgement and entertainment as well.



The best thing, what can happen to your event. Csillagkert is the best thing, what could happen to your event. Two acres of fresh air a green surrounding and an unmistakable feeling. We await you on the slopes of the Buda hills, with modular event areas as well, as with fresh renovated halls, conference- , and training course sites with rustic feeling.

Our catering doesn’t know the word impossible and creates in each case a lasting experience, which suits to the topic of the event. Outdoor events with a lot of participants, team-building events, company family days, vintage-, and rustic weddings – if you choose once the Star-garden (Csillagkert), you will return again.