Semperger Szabolcs

Szabolcs joined Gála in 1999, as a Banquette Manager. Over the course of the last few years he has transformed into one of our most excellent gastronomy professionals, and acquired an extensive knowledge with regards to wine culture. Thanks to his commitment and perseverance, today he is the Sales Director and co-owner of Gála Eseményszervező Kft. and Petneházy Étterem Kft.


I have been working for the company group since I have graduated in 1999. I started out as a Banquette Manager and Event Organizer of Gála Party Service, then, starting in 2003, I was promoted to Senior Event Organizer. From January 2008 to present I am the Sales Director of Gála Eseményszervező Kft., the new name for the same company. VIP client support, full event coordination, oversight of the Sales Department and banquette organization, gastronomical direction and advisory - my everyday tasks.

What I’m Proud of

I am proud of my success I achieved in sports. That perseverance will not only help me in my career, but also to achieve outstanding results in sports.

I am proud of what I know about wine culture, which is also useful in my profession.

And finally, I am proud of the success of Petneházy Club Hotel’s catering and event operation, and the Dunyha Restaurant. Let me thank my colleagues here, for the immense help they provided.