Szabó Ákos

Ákos joined our Wall Street restaurant in 2004, after an eventful career. At first, he occupied the position of Sales Manager, later he was promoted to Managing Director. As a result of his perseverance, rational thinking and extensive economical insights, in 2010 he was put in the lead of Éden Group, and starting 2012, he has been the Economic- and F&B Director of the Városliget Complex.


I have started my career with the company group as a Sales Manager in 2004-2005 in the Wall Street Restaurant. In 2005 I was promoted to Managing Director in the company operating the restaurant. From 2010, I have occupied the Economic and F&B Director position of the Éden Catering and Zöldfűszer Restaurant-Chain. It caters offices and ministries. The City Park Ice Ring and Lake’s TóPart Budapest project was launched in 2012. Taking its economic- and F&B operation in our hands, we also started new restaurants by the City Park Lake (Hütte - the buffets by the Ice Ring, the “SZAFT” gastro pub and “Tóterasz” by the Lake, and, of course the 1895 Városliget Café).

Personal Mission

The opportunities for personal development the company group provides are very appealing. Thanks to the manager training I can perform my tasks with better and better tools, contributing to success.

I can challenge myself in several areas, starting from a ’la carte restaurants, through classical Party Services and venue operations to mass buffets and office catering. The gained experiences complement each other and form a complex knowledge.

The company group is able to deploy the right resources. We can submit tenders for projects that can’t be realized by average references and networking. With our background, more and more opportunities open up to carry out iconic, prominent projects city-wide.

Eventrend is a special mold of the professional organization of multinational companies and the personalized flexibility of small-and medium sized companies. With this mixture of solutions, we can operate larger businesses more legally than a classic small- or medium sized company, at the same time it allows for a way better service than that of a classic multinational company.

To achieve all this, the personal relationships and team-spirit are essential. During a long career-path, several senior colleagues and myself as well are going through more active and less active phases. Our company group is ready to integrate these fluctuations, and it is able to inspire us with its opportunities right when we need it.

What I’m Proud of

I am proud of my dynamic career and my continuous development. I started out as a cook here in Hungary, later I lived up to Japanese and American standards on board of cruise ships, and I had the opportunity to be a sous-chef on an expedition cruise ship. I graduated in an adult education, while I worked as a Sales Manager, later as a Managing Director in restaurants. I had an opportunity to participate in the opening ceremony of Armani Cafe and to coordinate the groups operation, all this in an Italian environment.

I am proud of the project TóPart Budapest, its diversity and possibilities.

I am also proud of my colleagues, with whom we’ve been keeping together for better or worse, for years.

I am proud of my good family life, and finally, perhaps the most proud, of my six year old daughter.