Hotel and catering operation services

Eventrend Group offers real estate owners, investors, and developers professional operating services in all areas of the hotel and hospitality industry.

What do we promise?

Whether the property is already operating or under planning, the Eventrend Group thoroughly examines the features and opportunities of the venue, if necessary, makes target group research, models and makes complex strategic proposals and offers for its utilization. We undertake the operation of the property within the structure of a lease contract, management agreement, operating contract, or franchise.

What real estate do we deal with?

Hotels, event centers, restaurants, cafes, patisseries, nightclubs, stadium and arena catering services, food courts of shopping malls. In the case of key consumer magnets, opening a new store for our franchise brands (Chef’s Table, Pre-Go, Cziniel, Brklyn) can also be a realistic goal.

Connection with banks

The contracts concluded with Eventrend Group appear as a serious guarantee factor for the domestic bank financing of the investor faction.

How do we operate?

We have gathered the best international practices and our experiences which has been collected through the last 30 years, and share this unique knowledge with our colleagues at our Eventrend Talent Academy within our own training structure. Our colleagues who have obtained a management license here can have a deep understanding, improvement, and successful operation of the specific field at a very high level.

At Eventrend Group, innovation, professional development, being up-to-date is crucial to us. Whether it’s sourcing, online or traditional sales, marketing, communications, kitchen technology, F&B, or technical management, our colleagues are prepared for the challenges


We meet a lot of real estate on the design table, which is the best possible timing. We participate as deeply as possible in the development of a successful concept, and also in the planning of individual interests. We assist in the acquisition of assets, typically achieving significant savings for the investor, and our regulatory expert guarantees a smooth licensing process until opening. Based on the operation numbers of nearly 40 units which are available to us by our experiences, we can develop long-term financial plans with good approximation.

About our operation in details

We strive to build long-term, mutually profitable relationships with our partners, in a targeted way, so investor partnerships should only participate in the first steps, which means that they feel and that investment plans have the best start-up, and the regions are more valuable and transparent. The same guiding principle applies to our employees, we pay special attention to make every Eventrend business an excellent workplace as well. In our hotel or hospitality operations, we take special care and spend a lot of time finding or developing real USPs. We believe that without it, we can only be average in the competition.

Brandbook strategy:

We develop brandbook for the standalone brand and support market introduction and sales with the most recent digital and online solutions.

Strategic PR:

The constant press support of our independent PR department also generates outstanding business value. We have a strategic agreement with dozens of press products to ensure that our messages reach our target audience fast and efficiently. .

Optimized sourcing:

Our sourcing is largely digitized, based on strategic benefits, so economies of scale result in outstanding efficiency.

Revenue and profit maximization: :

We have ready-made and tried-and-tested programs to improve performance and systematically increase revenue.

Key market and labor market reputation:

Due to our good reputation in the market, we get maximum confidence from suppliers, customers, and employees.

Transparent asset management:

We give priority to real estate and property elements, and we periodically report to the owner in as much detail as possible.

Management information system:

Our advanced, daily management information system makes the management up-to-date, and easy-to-follow, which is the basis of our controlling activity. In case of an agreement, our partners will receive a full open-book with the operation numbers of our company.

Strategic HR activity:

We operate an advanced and comprehensive HR system, where we offer our employees a comprehensive lifelong career opportunity, from recruitment, through the onboarding process, to feedback talks or Talent Academy training. We place special emphasis on leading people and maintaining a high level of employee motivation and loyalty.

Eventrendhotels sales centrum:

We support our hotels with a central reservation system and centralized sales, which includes revenue and yield management, and we also pay special attention to distribution and channel management aspects.

Marketing communication:

In the field of marketing communication, we pay special attention to search engine optimization, achieving the best possible ranking, professional and up-to-date management of guest reviews, conscious and value-creating application of social media interfaces, and full-scale usage of database marketing opportunities. Our goal is to use the most effective direct communication tools and conscious branding.

Customer Experience Map:

We develop and implement a customer experience map for each service area.

Conscious guest feedback system:

We implement our franchise brands (Chef’s Table, Brklyn, Pre-Go, Cziniel) into the concept if it is to be even more competitive and successful.

Using franchise brands:

When appropriate we integrate our franchise brands (Séf Asztala, Brklyn, Pre-Go, Cziniel) into the conception to increase competitiveness and success.

Closing Remarks:

Based on our slogan - every moment counts - the unique occasion with us turns into a moment that enriches life and makes it more joyful.

Because we always create these moments with the right gastronomic, event organization, or hotel solution.

Experience our enthusiasm and commitment, let's work together! If you are interested, we look forward to hearing from you.

The Eventrend Group team