Valenta Zsolt

As most of our senior leaders, Zsolt started his career in Gála, initially as a Waiter, later as a Banquette Director. Thanks to his perseverance and humble attitude towards the profession, today he successfully manages several company enterprises. By now he is the Managing Director and co-owner of Setup Kft., Bonus Party Service, Jazz Event Kft. and Burg PS Kft.


Like my fellow Managing Directors, I also started my career in the company group at Gála Party Service. Between 2000 and 2004 as a Waiter, later, until 2007 as a Banquette Director. In 2007 I occupied the Storage Director position at Setup Rendezvény Kft., and later I was promoted to the Managing Director position of the same company. In 2010, Setup Event Kft. merged into Setup Event Kft. With 10% company shares I was offered within the framework of the partner program of the company, I became a co-owner as well, still as a Managing Director.

In 2014, when our company group took over MÜPA, I took on the Managing Director position of Jazz Event Kft. At the same time, in 2014 I also took over the Banquette Director role at Bonus Party Service Kft., responsible for the operation of Papp László Budapest Sports Arena.

Since 2016 I am the Managing Director of Bonus, Burg, Jazz and Setup Kft. companies.

Personal Mission

Never think that you know everything. In order to develop, you continuously have to live and learn. This doesn’t mean that we won’t make mistakes. It only means that if we do make mistakes, instead of blaming others or the circumstances, we should learn from them, to not to make the same mistakes again.

What I’m Proud of

My continuously growing and challenging career with Eventrend.

That the owners of the company have trusted me with the lead of larger and larger projects.

My beautiful wife and two wonderful children, who provide a safe family background and happiness for me.