Városliget Café & Restaurant

Városliget Café & Restaurant in the building of the Ice Ring, one of the emblematic venues of Budapest, blends the atmosphere of traditional Hungarian Sunday Lunches with today’s and past eras’ City Park romance.

The Városliget Café & Restaurant is a modern, but at the same time historical civil café, reflecting the culture and events of the last 100 years in Budapest and the City Park. It is also the first Törley champagne-bar. The designers aimed for a due catering experience that matches the historical environment and the active and passive recreation it offers in the heart of the city. The restaurant, located in the building of the Ice Ring, one of the emblematic venues of Budapest, blends the atmosphere of traditional Hungarian Sunday Lunches with today’s and past eras’ City Park romance. The specialties of the place, namely the freshly roasted black coffee and the beef plate reflect on the golden era of Budapest.



Tóterasz: the café awaits guests with an elegant furniture and an early twentieth century atmosphere by the City Park Lake from May to September.

Tóterasz is a simple, but stylish catering facility, which doesn’t disrupt the early twentieth-century atmosphere so characteristic of the surrounding area. To the contrary! The terrace has been operating by the lake since 1985, offering time travel to the past to those seeking to get away from the metropolitan hustle and bustle for a few hours. The offer has been changing through the years, but one classic remained: the curly-haired hog’s steak, a unique Hungarian-style meal, which is really worth to taste. The café awaits guests from May to September.


PRE-GO: before you go...

We live in a city because for us it means the world. We were born here or our lives carried us here. Whatever our story is we want to hold our ground here. We will hold our ground here. We love the coming and going, the rhythm, the fact that there’s always something to do. We work, study, live and love. Everything changes, thus we are not bored. We love this world because we make the best of it.

Sometimes we slow down for a minute even on the hardest days. At such time we have a breather, we wish for care, a little bit of safety and calm. And we would like to derive energy from these moments. We surprise ourselves with a really good coffee and some delicious snacks. We recognize the good even if we are in a hurry. The real one which comes from the heart. These moments are the luxuries of our everyday lives. Because we are worth receiving it. Sometimes these last only for minutes but the hurrying, which whisks us away, makes sense at the time.

There is a place where I always drop in. I stop there. Sometimes inside, sometimes outside. I love being here. Everybody is in a hurry, it is only us who stand here, in PRE-GO. Of course only for a few minutes. We stop before we go on. At this time the film slows down and I feel initiated. Good guys, delicious coffee, fresh pasta, great scents. Music never ceases to play. A few minutes of calmness which fills up with energy. Sometimes I eat the meals on the way or at my workplace or at home. Sometimes I bring some to the others so they know they are important. No matter how much hurry I’m in, I always drop in here at least for a minute. To refresh. Then, wishing for success, I rush on full of positive energy! This is my place.


Gólvonal Bisztró

The Goal line Bistro (Gólvonal Bisztró), is the restaurant, the sport pub of the Groupama Arena awaits its guests from Monday till Saturday with sporty food, a lot of giant TV-s, with FTC football players and with low key prices.

The restaurant offers an excellent place for the business appointments, for an ambient dinner or supper, or eventually to consume just a glass of drink or a coffee after shopping in the Fradi shop. Sport, football, comfortable parking and high standard food, this is Goal line Bistro (Gólvonal Bisztró) in the main building of the Groupama Arena.

Parlament Café

Parlament Café: primarily offers its fast and quality services for tourists visiting the Parliament, but passers-by of the Kossuth Square are equally welcome.

Parlament Café is situated in the visitor’s center of the Parliament, in the Northern part of Kossuth Square. Its primarily offers its fast and quality services for tourists visiting the Parliament, but passers-by of the Kossuth Square are equally welcome. Its lovely terrace overlooks the beautiful Danube. Like any modern café, it offers hot- and cold drinks, bakery products, sandwiches, salads for an affordable price, served right away.

Hradec Králové

Petrof Café

Fill up yourself at the Petrof Café – where we await the guests from early morning on with locally roasted coffee specialties, fresh sandwiches and unique desserts. Or finish your day here with a pleasurable glass of wine, a cocktail and some fine bites. The specialty of the site – the automatic piano – contributes with unmatched musical experience to the gastronomic treats. The team of the Petrof Café offers a wide selection of indoor and outdoor services, at any kind of company or a private event. Our mission is to realize your ideas. The Petrof Concert Hall is a brand new 400 person conference and event venue with excellent audiovisual facilities and full scale catering services provided by Eventrend Group.

Hradec Kralove

„Dolce Vita - Restaurace”

The Dolce Vita is a modern style restaurant situated in the historical centre of Hradec Kralove in Czech Republic surrounded by pedestrian area, squares and offices. When creating our menu we emphasize the usage of fresh products. In the seasonal and promotional menus we offer mainly dishes prepared form the seasonal ingredients of the local suppliers, from the meat of the nearby farms, from the fresh fish originated from the surrounding of Hradec Kralove as well, as from quality raw materials. The local connections are indispensable for the Dolce Vita.


High Spirits Bar

There is a special bar and at the same time a beverage show-room located in the Hungarian headquarters of the worldwide market-leading enterprise on the area of production and distribution of branded beverages. The bar and the showroom are operated by Eventrend Group, where the co-workers of the enterprise can find not the only premium beverages such as for example the Johnnie Walker, the Smirnoff, the Baileys or the Guinness -, but they can choose from the fresh and quality food selection offered by the Eventrend as well, and thanks to this unique selection our operation stands out from the average company hospitality.


Capital Circus of Budapest

Capital Circus of Budapest: the buffet meets all expectations of the audience of circus.

After more than 30 years, the Capital Circus of Budapest, the only stone circus of Europe finally got the opportunity to catch up with its international counterparts. The performances have been reflecting this change for a while, but the buffet and the complementary programs of the circus only got the green light recently. By rebuilding everything, to the last wall, Burg PS created a great layout and offering for the buffet, which meets all expectations of the audience of the circus.


Bistro na Sněžce

Bistro na Sněžce: Welcome to highest point in the Czech Republic.

In the heart of the Giant mountains - Pec pod Sněžkou – you will find two stylish Bistros. As part of the new modern cableway it gives a great option to refresh yourself during the hike on the highest peak of Czech Republic – Sněžka 1602 above sea level. One Bistro is located in the bottom part of the cableway and offers nice mountain feeling atmosphere with outside terrace and delicious snacks. Second Bistro is on the top of the peak and except the quality product served it offers great experience of one of the best view in Czech Republic – you will feel like Krakonos – the guardian of the mountain. Both units are very popular and visited throughout the year by guests of all age category. During your visit you are welcome to try local tradition dishes but also specials such as authentic and exotic meals and beverages. We are in close cooperation with local suppliers and focus on the best quality of ingredients. Seasonal offers are very popular and one of the reasons why we have regular returning guests in our Bistros. Eventrend company organize various activities for the public such as „bulk cleaning“ of the National Park or an original breakfast picnic on the top of Sněžka. You may surely not miss to visit one of our Bistros during the way around Czech Republic.