The companies belonging to the Eventrend Group operate several restaurants, be it seasonal casual or fast-food, but demanding, or elegant, exclusive restaurants available to guests all year round. In our offer, we place great emphasis on the acquiring and use of quality raw materials, which are transformed into special, unique dishes by the hands of our chefs. Our guests who choose us leave not only satiated, but also enriched with gastronomic experiences, convinced of the care and professionalism of our colleagues - and return.

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Gundel Restaurant

The legendary culinary heritage of Hungary

...could rightly stand for the history of modern Hungarian gastronomy and hospitality. Discover the county by its unique taste of food invented by a Bavarian born genius Károly Gundel who tamed the Hungarian cuisine.

Gundel can turn the average weekday into a holiday, and a holiday into an unforgettable experience either in one of Gundel Palace’s banquet rooms or your selected venue.

From an intimate family gathering to a gala event with hundreds or even thousands of guests, you’ll receive fast and energetic service combined with our customarily attentive hospitality.

Gundel’s banquet rooms offer countless options and variations, whether for a private meeting or a grandiose gala event. Besides the restaurant and the elegant Queen Elisabeth Ballroom, the building has two small halls, which capture the turn-of-the-nineteenth-century atmosphere. From early Spring to late Autumn, our guests can enjoy specialities from our kitchen in the expansive, shaded garden.

Evezős Sörkert

The legend at the roman Danube riverbank Thanks to the Danube, the garden with panorama, and the shadow of the old trees ensuring shelter during the heat as well, the “Oarsman beer-garden” became during the past three decades a notion within the inhabitants of Budapest.The “Oarsman beer-garden” on the roman Danube riverbank is an iconic restaurant, which awaits it’s guests from early spring till late autumn on each weekday with always fresh hake, distinguished-quality grill food, fish-soup, 4 kinds of draft-beers, homemade lemonades and a lot of other delicacies, and first of all with a great atmosphere.

We make the evenings here unforgettable by live music beside the high standard back ground music, respectively during the summer in the main season twice a week we organise hilarious retro-parties with our live show artists.


Bagolyvár Restaurant

Hungarian cuisine in its finest form in City Park.

Rediscover the long-forgotten flavors of Budapest’s Golden Age and discover modern Hungarian cuisine.

The Bagolyvár restaurant has for over 100 years served quality hospitality for City Park visitors. For generations those visiting the galleries of the Museum of Fine Arts, or those boating on City Park’s lake have taken solace here in order to reenergize.

In the building designed by Károly Kós, those who like classic Hungarian gastronomy will find their favorite dishes, just as those who prefer modern international cuisine would.

Take a break at Bagolyvár and allow yourself to enjoy a culinary experience, while you have a conversation with those who are important to you in the tree-lined terrace.

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Bohém Restaurant

Bohém Restaurant, a restaurant with special rooms, mood lights, an exclusive food-and wine selection and delicious coffee.

The venue itself makes it special: it is located right next to the concert hall where world-leading musicians perform. The vintage essence catches the attention of visitors right away. Special rooms, mood lights, attentive waiters, an exclusive food-and wine selection and delicious coffee awaits guests, where every now and then you can catch a glimpse of a popular performer, a world-renowned solo artist or a conductor.

Our restaurant is a popular venue for business lunches, where you and your partners can enjoy a pleasant, exclusive environment. In the evenings, the restaurant, also ideal for dining out is filled with performers and guests attending the events of the Palace of Arts.

The restaurant is ideal for smaller events of up to 120 guests, for private receptions, weddings and press conferences.

P'art café

P'art café: an ideal venue for refreshment before or after plays or a business meeting.

The P’art Café is located in the Palace of Arts, on the ground floor of Ludwig Museum, with walls designed by the artist Tamás Komoróczki just for this purpose. The café offers true coffee specialties, delicious sweet bakery products and reasonable prices. The spacious terrace looks over the Danube, providing you a really pleasant, exclusive environment to meet your friends or to relax. The café is an ideal venue for refreshment before or after plays, even a business meeting.

New York Café - Budapest

New York Café - Budapest: Ever since its opening in 1894, The Most Beautiful Café in the World is the most renowned catering unit of the capital. To this very day, it is one of the leading artistic workshops of modern catering in Budapest.

The New York Café survived several eras, regimes and key historical events. Yet it always resurrected, attracting artists, prominent and not so prominent persons longing for comfort and coziness over and over again. Its ornaments mean the very same thing today as they did in an era when the details and beauty were more appreciated. Ever since its opening in 1894, The Most Beautiful Café in the World is the most renowned catering unit of the capital. To this very day, it is one of the leading artistic workshops of modern catering in Budapest.

Salon Restaurant Budapest

Salon Restaurant Budapest: a fine dining restaurant in the heart of Budapest, in the New York Palace, with András Wolf, Executive Chef in the lead.

Salon restaurant is the workshop of “essential Hungarian gastronomy”, accommodated by the famous New York Palace. The fine dining restaurant puts special emphasis on the quality of ingredients. So, András Wolf, the Executive Chef personally negotiates with the several farmers supplying the restaurant. The seven-course meal offered in seasonal menu versions and the selection of the nearly hundred different Hungarian artisanal wines makes the gastronomic journey an unforgettable experience.


BRKLYN: a pinch of America, a pinch of diversity, but above all, a place where you are surrounded by friends.

Brooklyn moved to Gozsdu. Brookly, the cauldron of America, welcomes and accepts everybody. Brooklyn, a vivid quarter of New York, full of life and values. Values like diversity, openness, creativity, inspiration, a vibrant life or street food. A city district full of clubs, a.k.a. refurbished former factory buildings. The district where the population is as diverse and colorful as nowhere else in the world. Brooklyn is here. Brooklyn in the Gozsdu place. A pinch of America, a pinch of diversity, but above all, a place where you are surrounded by friends. BRKLYN, just like many Brooklyn clubs, is built within the industrial building of Gozsdu place, a former transformer house. BRKLYN is Budapest’s cauldron, where even people with the most different backgrounds are friends. BRKLYN - friendships await.


Séf Asztala

Séf Asztala: "Fried meat and world peace"

The Séf Asztala means care and concern for us in an environment where they often forget how important what we eat and what ingredients are used for these meals. We cook everyday favourites such as fried meat with fresh cucumber salad made with cream, homemade sausages with artisan mustard and fresh noodles with real jams. When these meals are cooked and served with expertise and care we know for sure what pleasure it is to eat them and that is why we are so enthusiastic about them. It is this experience we would like to relive every day at the Food Court level of Westend as a fast food restaurant everybody loves.

Our aim is obvious here, at Séf Asztala: to freshly cook popular meals with expertise from quality ingredients at an affordable price. We create a place which is not about luxury but it is only high level, natural, loveable and, therefore, authentic. At the same time, we hope that it is also revolutionary because a top chef well up in gastronomy has not opened a fast food restaurant before in an environment of this kind.

Fakanál Restaurant and Bistro

Fakanál Restaurant and Bistro: traditional, abundant Hungarian meals and excellent wines above the Grand Market. The characteristic, exigent flavors and quality services can be mobilized and provided off-base as well.

Fakanál awaits guests in the heart of Budapest, above the Grand Market since 1999. With excellent flavors, homemade-style meals, a true Hungarian-style kitchen, and ingredients exclusively sourced by domestic farmers. The long forgotten traditional, rich Hungarian meals and the excellent wines are the basics of its offerings. The characteristic, exigent flavors and quality services can be mobilized and provided off-base as well.