Jenő joined Gála in 1997, as an assistant waiter. Thanks to his humble attitude towards the profession, and his purposefulness, today he is the Managing Director of 6 of our facilities. Since 2007 he has managed Protokoll Event Kft., since 2009 Cafe & Event, operating New York Café, later CER Kft., since 2012 Five Star Event Kft., which is operating Dieago High Spirit Bar, and since 2014 Stadion Event Kft., catering for Groupama Arena. He is an Eventrend Holding partner, co-owning HRM Kft. and Országalma Kft.


I started my career in the company group as an assistant waiter for Gála Party Service Kft. My first event was a family day at the ELMŰ soccer field, with 2000 guests. Assisting in events was an ideal money-making possibility while in college, so I took every job I could.

In 1998 the company offered me a Deputy Sales Manager position in a bar called SHAKE, which I took without hesitation, only to find out that this place is not as fast-paced and eventful as event management.

In 1999 I went back to Gála, as an Assistant Event Manager, where I had the opportunity to work with such outstanding event managers like György Lékó or Zoltán Horváth.

In 2000, after several hundred successful events, I was promoted to Banquette Manager. This is where I got my first independent, large-crowd and complex event in the Ludwig Museum, which was a seated Christmas reception with 600 guests.

In 2001, under Róbert Kivágó’s lead I got the Senior Banquette Manager status, which meant that I was responsible for the management of the most important events.

In 2003, Gála Party Service Kft. took three main directions: Private-, Protocol- and Business events. This is when I was transferred to the Private department, as an Event- and Banquette Manager. During this time, I managed nearly 100 weddings and private events.

In the summer of 2004 Gábor Kusnyár asked me to assist him in the Hungarian Parliament, as a Deputy Project Director.

In 2006 I was asked to carry on as a Project Director.

In 2007, the Parliament unit split from Gála Party Service Kft. and started operation as Protokoll Event Kft., with me in the Managing Director position.

Thanks to the owners, in 2008, in addition to being the Managing Director, I was made partner, a co-owner of Protokoll Event Kft.

In 2008-2009 I was offered the joint Banquette Director position of Gála and Bonus. I did this for almost a year.

In late 2009 I joined Csaba Szabó in the lead of New York Café, or better said, Café and Event Kft.

In 2011 Protokoll Event Kft. was awarded the right to manage the EU presidential receptions.

In 2012 I accepted the Managing Director position of Five Star Event Kft. This company is operating the Diageo Bar.

Groupama Arena and the new FTC Stadium opened its gates in 2014, catered by Stadion Event Kft. Here also, I was appointed to the lead.

Presently I manage six companies, working together with 170 colleagues and fellow managers.

Personal Mission

“Can’t is not an option”

My leadership motto is a quote from Roosevelt:

“The best executive is one who has sense enough to pick good people to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.”

We have to believe in what we do, and once we do something, we shall do it with our full heart and soul. If you do it this way, success will follow. Yet, success is relative, thus it is important that we never let it turn into complacency.

It is important to stay humble both towards the profession and our colleagues. It’s not always the goal that’s important, but also to understand and experience the road that leads to ultimate success.

What I’m Proud of

  • My family
  • My friends - that these relationships have stood the time
  • My profession and my colleagues whose talent I have discovered, and I could give opportunities to
  • Marathon run